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We do occasionally stud out our Males to other Females.   
Prices are as follows:

AKC King Charles Cavaliers
Charlie: $1200  (natural or AI)
Rudy: $1200 (natural or AI)

AKC Mini Poodles
Toby: $850 (AI only)
Chester: $850 (natural or AI)

AKC Moyen Poodles
Milo: $1200 (Natural)

More information about each stud is available on our 'Sires and Dames' link above.

If your female needs to be AI'd we have an additional charge of $25 to cover supplies for up to 2 breedings.  

A clear Brucellosis test must be provided before breeding takes place.  

Click this link to see our stud contract/agreement.  


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