We offer a 1 year health guarantee on all our puppies for genetic, life threatening defects and 2 years for hips.  

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Because we believe so strongly in Life's Abundance dog food we have incorporated it into our health guarantee. Buyers must be willing to continue to feed Life's Abundance Dog food for at least their puppies first 2 years of life in order for our Health Guarantee to be valid.  Poor diet and nutritional deficiencies often result in serious health problems and shorten life-spans.   By feeding your puppy a top of the line brand such as this, you are helping ensure a long, happy and health life for your furry family member.

**1 year Health guarantee is available for puppies paid in full and at full price.  If a lower price for a puppy is agreed upon breeder reserves the right to limit guarantee to 1 week.  A new contract stating this will be provided at time of transfer.  A link is also provided below.  Buyer will have 72 hrs to take puppy to veterinarian and if puppy is found to be unhealthy according to contract specifications a full refund will be given as long as puppy is returned with all paperwork and signed veterinarian report. 

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