Willow is an AKC King Charles Cavalier.  She is a beautifully marked Tri.  She is about 15 lbs   Her eyebrows give her an "angry" look but don't let that fool you.  She is as sweet as they come.  She loves to be held and brushed.  She has champions in her line. She is DNA clear of 

CKCSID, EFS, and DM.  


Penny is our beautiful moyen sized poodle.  She has gorgeous red and white parti makings! She is about 26 lbs and 16 inches tall.  Penny was DNA tested with Embark.  She is clear of all poodle type diseases. She is AKC registered.  F/F furnishings


Sandy is a mini F1 Goldendoodle.  She was bred here at Rocky Desert.  She is the daughter of Toby and Koda (English cream retriever).  She is light cream in color and carries Sable like her dad.  Sandy loves kids and is very athletic.  She is friendly and loves everyone.  Sandy was genetically tested with Embark DNA and we were thrilled when she came back as clear on all 150+ tests.  She is 25-30 lbs. 


Lucy is our Blenheim girl.  SHe is AKC registered and Health Tested clear for Dry Eye/ Cury Coat, and Episodic Falling Syndrome.  Lucy's Lines are full of champions and Grand Champions.  There are 11 in her 5 year pedigree.  She comes from the famous Sheeba lines.  She loves to cuddle and be held.  She is right around 18lbs.  She had OFA patellas and heart done in 2018.


Molly is a beautiful Tri.  She comes from Sheeba Lines.  She is AKC registered and weighs 18lbs.  Molly passed her OFA Heart and Patella testing March 2018. She is health tested clear for Dry Eye/ Curly Coat and Episodic Falling Syndrome.  She is one of our more relaxed easy going moms.


Belle is a gorgeous standard sized poodle.  She is a deep mahogany red with no white markings! Belle is so sweet and not hyper at all.  In fact she is one of the most easy going poodles I have been around.  She is about 45-50 lbs.  Belle was DNA tested with Embark and is clear on all 150+ tests and 100% poodle.  She is AKC registered.  F/F furnishings. 


Gypsie is an F1 Cavapoo.  She was bred here at Rocky Desert.  Her parents are Ava and Toby. She is a gorgeous sable parti.  She is about 13-14 lbs and has a more wavy coat.  She loves to be held and brushed.  She is friendly as most cavapoos are and loves kids.  She has thrown some beautiful F1b Cavapoos for us.  

Gypsie has been DNA tested through Embark and is clear. 


Rosie is a King Charles Cavalier.  She is AKC registered. She is a larger cavalier weighing right around 28 lbs.  She is clear of EFS and DE/CC.  She has a great disposition.  Loves attention and to be held but doesn't demand it.  Great with other dogs or just by herself.  She has a beautiful dark Ruby coat with a small white dot on her chest.   



Daisy is a beautiful dark red Golden Retriever.  She is AKC registered and has been health checked with Embark.  She is clear on everything.  Daisy loves camping and hiking.  She is great at playing fetch and always wants to be with the kids playing.  She has an awesome personality. Loves to go but not hyper or yappy at all.   We really enjoy Daisy and love to take her with us on our outdoor trips. She is about 45-50lbs   


Meg is an F1 Cavapoo.  She was bred here at Rocky Desert.  Her parents are Ava and Toby.  She is a full sister to Gypsie (different litter). She is ruby with white markings.  Her coat is wavy and she weighs about 14lbs.   Meg loves attention and to always be right next to you.  She does great with kids and is an easy going and mellow cavapoo.  

She is health tested through Embark (waiting on results). 

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