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Stella is a gorgeous Red Parti poodle.  She is a mini weighing right around 12-13 lbs.  Stella is an easy going girl always trying to please her humans.  She is really smart and a quick learner.  We had her DNA health tested with Embark and she is clear on all 150+ tests.  She is AKC registered. 
F/F furnishings. 

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Reba is a 12lb mini poodle.  She is one of Penny and Toby's puppies.  She is AKC registered.  We love Reba's short nose just like her Daddy's and deep mahogany red coat.  She carries for parti as well. Reba loves attention and other dogs.  She is happy and loves to be going.  Reba is health tested through Canine Health Check and is clear.    




Lottie is a King Charles Cavalier.  She is AKC registered. Lottie is on the smaller side at around 14lbs.  She is a beautiful Tri with perfect markings.  She is great with other dogs and kids. Lottie is a sweetheart and loves everyone.   


Lottie is clear by parentage for EFS DE/CC and DM.




Anna is an F1 generation Cavapoo we bred here at Rocky Desert.  Her parents are Penny and Charlie.  She is a beautiful Blenheim and weighs 12 lbs.  She is a cuddle bug and loves attention. My daughter fell in love with her as a puppy and insisted we keep her.  We are glad we did.    


Rocky Desert

Rocky Desert


Rocky Desert


Jerzee is an AKC toy poodle. She is about 8lbs. We love her red sable color which she often passes down to her puppies. Her coat has turned more red as she has gotten older which is typical of Sables. The picture of her as a puppy was when she was 3 months old. Jerzee is a love bug and wants to be right next to you at all times. She is not yappy or hyper like some toy poodles can be.  My kids love her.     


Jerzee has been tested with Canine Health Check and is clear. 



Rocky Desert

Rocky Desert

Rocky Desert

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Ivy is an F1 generation Cavapoo we bred here at Rocky Desert.  Her parents are Reba and Rudy.  Ivy is Red with a few small white markings. She has a beatiful soft wavy coat and does not shed. She weighs 16lbs. She is a typical cavapoo. Loves attention and to cuddle.

Genetic Testing - Clear by parentage.

Rocky Desert

Rocky Desert

Rocky Desert

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