Toby is an AKC registered miniature poodle.  He stands 11 inches tall and is 9.5 lbs.  He is red with white markings (abstract).  He has been health tested clear for DM, GM2, OCD, NEWS, vWD1, and his hips are Good.  He is a real sweetheart and loves my kids,  Being a poodle he is very smart and hypoallergenic.  We love his broader, short nose which is hard to find in poodles. He is a proven stud throwing some large litters. He is available for stud service for $850 due at time of breeding.  Guarantee pregnancy or we will re-breed for free. Will consider pick of the litter as well to AKC females.

Rudy 5.jpg
Rudy 1.jpg


(Son of Player and Sophie)  Rudy is an AKC registered King Charles Cavalier.  He is Ruby with a small white patch on his chest. He is 16-17 lbs and about 12 inches tall.  Rudy is clear by parentage for DM and DE/CC.  He is clear of EFS through pawprint genetics. Stud service with Rudy is $950



Chester is an AKC registered, miniature dark red Poodle.  He is 12 lbs. and 12.5 inches tall. He is solid red with no white. He typically throws deep red puppies with lots of curl.  He is very smart and athletic. He is great around kids and loves to play and run around the yard.  Being a poodle, he is hypoallergenic and non-shedding.  He has been health tested clear for DM, GM2, OCD, NEWS, vWD1, and PRA-PRCD.   He is also F/F (furnishings)

Available for stud service $850


Charlie is an AKC registered King Charles Cavalier.  He is Blenheim in color and right around 18 lbs.  He is a typical cavalier, easy going and a friend to everyone.  He has had his DNA testing done and his OFA's on patellas and heart were good. Charlie comes from great lines with lots of champions.  He is a proven stud and we offer stud service with him for $950. 

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Milo is a Moyen sized AKC registered Poodle. We love his dark mahogany coloring. He is 25 lbs and about 17 inches tall.  He is genetically clear of all diseases through parentage and Gensol Genetics testing. Both his parents were tested through Embark. He is even clear of chondrodystrophy and IVDD risk (CDDY-IVDD) which is very common in smaller poodles. Milo loves people and other dogs.  He is really easy going and not a hyper, yappy poodle.  F/F furnishings and a parti carrier.  He is not available for stud service yet!  After he is proven he will be offered for natural breeding for $1000