Priority Waiting List

 Current Litters

To be placed on our waiting list for puppies already born we must first have received your deposit and signed Puppy Holding Agreement form (see link below).  For deposits we accept Cash, Certified Checks, Venmo and Walmart to Walmart transfer ($8 - $16 fee).  Deposits are non-refundable.  Puppies go home at 8 weeks (unless another date has been agreed upon).  If not picked up by 8 weeks we charge $10/day for boarding and extra medical expenses.  Buyer must indicate which puppy they would like at time of deposit.  Deposits can be transferred to another available puppy in the same litter at any time.  If buyer changes their mind and wants to wait until anther litter the puppy they originally chose must be 6 weeks old or younger.  If puppy is over 6 weeks and buyer no longer wants puppy their $400 deposit is considered forfeit and seller has no further obligations to buyer.  

Future litters

With your non-refundable holding fee of $100, you will be placed IN ORDER of the time we receive your holding fee on this 
priority waiting list for the puppy of your specifications. When we get a puppy that we believe matches what you're looking for, you will be notified according to your position on the priority waiting list. If you are happy with the puppy choice, then you will be required to place an additional holding fee of $300 to have the puppy held for you.  We also require our Health Guarantee/Purchase Agreement to be filled out and sent back to us.  Holding fees will go towards final asking price.  Holding fees ARE transferable to another puppy within the same litter at any time. If buyer wants to wait for another litter AFTER having a specific puppy reserved for them, that puppy must be 6 weeks old or younger to do so.   If buyer no longer wants the puppy deposit was placed on and puppy is over 6 weeks old, deposit is considered forfeit at that time and seller has no further obligations to buyer.   If a suitable choice is presented to you and you choose not to follow through with adopting a puppy, your holding fee will be considered forfeited at that time.  Buyers will only be allowed to stay on the waiting list for a year unless a puppy matching their specifications never becomes available during that time.  If this is the case the buyer may opt to stay on the list for an additional agreed upon time by buyer and us here at Rocky Desert.  If we do not get a puppy of your specifications (breed, gender and/or color), within one year from the date you place your deposit and you do not want to remain on our waiting list we will refund your $100 (6-9-20).  
For deposits we accept Cash, Certified Checks, Venmo and Walmart to Walmart transfer ($8 - $16 fee).

Because of our work schedules, kids activities, and time requirements with our puppies, we only take and send pictures once per week.  This will usually happen on the weekends.  Please keep this in mind before you decide to place a deposit on one of our puppies.  We also only accept CASH at pick-up if you are picking up your puppy in person.  If we are shipping him/her to you we will make other arrangements for final payments. 

**After vet checks are complete we will start at the top of our waiting list and contact each person letting them know it is their turn to choose.  It is each buyers responsibility to watch our website and any upcoming litters they may get to choose from.  We will send both an email and a text.  If we can't get ahold of you, for what ever reason, within 8 hours we will move onto the next person on the list.  ** 



Breeder reserves right to first pick of all litters

** Currently have a puppy reserved.

Name                                                        Breed/Litter                                  Puppy Choice                                                      


Because we have had so many really want to get on our waiting list, we have decided to open it back up.  We usually limit to 15 so we can give  a general idea of when to expect a puppy and not have extended wait times.  If we go over 15 that does get a little harder to do.  We still may be able to get you a puppy fairly quickly (3-6 months) or it may take longer (6-10+ months).  Many have expressed that this is not a concern and still would like to get on the waiting list.   We have opened it up for them and any others who are also ok with the wait and uncertainty.  


1- Kendall B. and Eric M.                       Cavapoo                          Ruby Male (under 20lbs)

2- Susan C.                                              Cavapoo                          Black and Tan female (spring)

3- Kim E.                                                 Cavapoo                          Any color Female (under 20lbs)

4- Angelina C.                                        Cavapoo                          Ruby/White, Ruby, Apricot, Tan .  Male or Female 

5- Chloe V. and Lincoln C.                     Cavapoo                          Ruby, Ruby w/white, white w/Ruby (Beginning of 2021) 

6 -Wendy M.                                           Cavapoo                          Any color Female

7-Eric A.                                                  Cavapoo                          Ruby, sable, black parti Male or Female

8-Ellie S.                                                  Cavapoo                          Ruby, blk/tan, tri Male

9- Corky W.                                             Cavapoo                          Any color Female 

10- Wendy L.                                           Cavapoo                          Female, at least 2 colors and 20-30lbs     

11- Karissa W.                                         Cavapoo                          Red/white or black/brown either gender

12- Raja S.                                               Cavapoo                           Ruby Male 

13- Justine Q.                                          Cavapoo                           Any color but prefer Ruby/golden/cream Male

14- Denise C.                                           Cavapoo                           Black and tan with white markings Male or Female 

15- Jan M.                                                Cavapoo                           Ruby/Apricot Female  prefer Lucy/Toby 

16- Mackenzie A                                     Cavapoo                          Blk/Tan prefer Male, Willow or Molly 

17- Faith K.                                             Cavapoo                          Ruby, Blenheim, or tri Female

18 - Gillian B.                   Goldendoodle/Cavapoo/Cavalier       Any color, Any Gender

19- Andrew S.                                         Cavapoo                          Ruby, ruby/white, blen, or sable female

20- Daniel H.                                          Cavapoo                          Ruby Female



Goldendoodles (limit to 5)   Daisy and Toby litter

1- Breeder Reserve                       Female

2- Keith N.                                    Male or Female

3- Dana P.                                     Female

4- Gillian B.                   Goldendoodle/Cavapoo/Cavalier       Any color, Any Gender


Cavaliers (limit to 4)  Next litter planned for early 2021 (Parents TBD)

1- Michelle T.                                      Cavalier/Cavapoo                 Ruby, tri or blenheim Male

2- Jeffrey and Angie K.                       Cavalier                                 Blk and Tan Male or Female (prefer Female)

3- Abby F.                                            Cavalier                                 black/tan, tri or ruby Female

4- Gillian B.                          Goldendoodle/Cavapoo/Cavalier      Any color, Any Gender

Moyen Poodles (Penny and Jagger)  (limit to 5)

1- Breeder Reserve                        Female

2- Justine B.                                   Female





For safety purposes we are no longer allowing buyers to come to our home to meet/pick-up their puppy.  We know this is a red flag for some so we want to be up-front about it and welcome you to look at other breeders that do allow home visits.  We understand the concern, but the safety/health of our family, pets and property will always come first for us.  Not all buyers have the best of intentions and because of this all puppy showings/pick-ups will be in a public place. 

Thank you for understanding.

208-680-3685 texts accepted