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F1 Cavapoos

These 2 brothers are Reba and Rudy's puppies. They live with their family in Southern California



This is one of our gorgeous Standard Poodle puppies.  She lives with her family in Utah.


F1 Goldendoodle

Danna from Idaho wrote this about her Goldendoodle

This little girl is a ton of fun! She is wonderful with my 7 year old pup and really

 great with my grandkids! I am so happy to have her!


My sweet puppy, April, came from here. She’s a Cavapoo. She is 4 months old now, about 11lbs currently, and the sweetest girl ever. So well behaved and so so smart and friendly. She loves the water and tennis balls and is a very vocal girl with a big personality. I wish I could post more photos of her! We love her so much and are so happy we got her from here! Thank you!💜  Lewis Family 


Tilly lives with the Davis Family in West Idaho.  She is a F1 Goldendoodle out of Lady and Toby.  The Davis' sent these pics and an update that said, "Tilly is honestly the sweetest girl.  We lover her so much!!!" 

Olive with Davis Family 1.jpg
Olive with davis family.jpg
Black and White Star in Circle

Goldendoodle - Just a quick note to say that we got our puppy and absolutely lover her! We named her Ruby, and she is a fantastic addition to our family so far.  Our kids (aged 6, 2, and 1) can't think of anything but the puppy.  And she is great with them!

We think you must have been working on potty training already? She definitely would much prefer to go outside to potty and will give us pretty good signs.  Thanks

Thanks for such a great dog!

Black and White Star in Circle

Aussidoodle - "We just love her! She is so smart, our puppy training instructor said she is the smartest dog he's ever worked with.  So smart she could be a performance dog in the circus.  Thank You!"

Black and White Star in Circle

We just love our Poodle.  He is so smart and picks things up so fast.  My kids love him.  Thank you so much!

 Cute little penny! She is now 6 months old! She was from Gypsie and chesters litter. She is the best little pup. She knows about 15 tricks. Was potty trained by about 4 months and is the perfect little snuggle buddy! We absolutely adore her! I may have to get her a friend in the near furture! She is now 13 lbs she hit a growth spurt after we got her fixed. Thanks for an amazing friend! We love our pup!     

Cassie Folkman  9-4-2020

Black and White Star in Circle

F1 Cavapoo - She is amazing! In just the first 2 days she learned to use the pad with no accidents, to come to her name, to crate on command and sit calmly even with the door open till she gets the break command. She also learned place, sit, and down. I knew these breeds where supposed to be smart but I am just blown away at how amazing she is. 

JoElle from Meridian

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