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**We will do all that we can to try and arrange shipping to you (if needed) but if shipping plans fall through or are not going to work out when it comes time for puppy to go home it is ultimately the responsibility of the buyer to either come and get their puppy or arrange final transfers.  Please keep this in mind before placing a deposit.  **

Pick up: We highly encourage you to come and pick up your puppy.   It is often cheaper to fly here and pick up your puppy vs. shipping puppy alone in a crate.  We can meet you at Idaho Falls Regional Airport or Pocatello Airport, which is just 30 min from our home.  If that is not an option we can ship either by ground or by air.  


Flight Nanny: We have a local flight nanny that we use for most of our shipping now.  They fly with puppy inside the cabin.  Prices start at $500.  

Ground Shipping:  We have a few companies we work with for transporting puppies via ground. If you live within 12 hours of East Idaho ground shipping is a great option.  Prices vary greatly depending on where you are located.  The further away from Idaho the more expensive it will be to transport.  If you choose ground shipping to transport your puppy there may also be some boarding fees accrued if the ground shippers are booked out for an extended period of time. 

Prices start at $250 and go up depending on distance.  

Air shipping:  **Due to the airlines making some pretty big changes to their puppy shipping policy's we will not be shipping via cargo unless that is the absolute only option.  This is also our least favorite way to ship due to the stress it can cause the puppies.  If you are unable to fly here to pick up puppy in person we will do all we can to find a nanny to bring them to you.** 

If we do have to ship cargo...Our puppies will depart from Idaho Falls ID airport and arrive at the airport of your choice near you. Our puppies are shipped in cargo not through baggage.  There is a separate shipping fee to cover for puppies ticket, crate, additional vet check, etc.  This fee starts at $600 and varies depending on location.  You will get to keep the crate your puppy is shipped in with this service.  (If flight nanny is available we will always use that option first)

We will not let a puppy go to its new home until we feel the puppy is ready to travel, no exceptions. The health of our puppies comes first.  This can mean canceled travel plans.

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