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Welcome to Rocky Desert Goldens. We are located in Blackfoot Idaho on 5 acres. We have been breeding dogs since 2007. We, along with our 6 kids love raising these sweet puppies.  We breed for AKC Moyen/miniature poodles, and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  We also have the designer breeds Goldendoodles and Cavapoos.   All of these puppies make great additions to a family, especially one with kids.  




Mini F1 and F1b

We have been breeding Golden Retrievers for over 10 years now.  We started breeding goldendoodles due to popular demand.  We can see why these guys are so popular. Poodles are ranked 2nd for intelligence making these puppies even smarter and they are often used as therapy/service dogs. They have a softer, more hair like coat that is more hypoallergenic with less shedding. This also means they will require more grooming. Goldendoodles still will shed some but nothing like a purebred retriever, and each puppy will be different depending on which parent they take after most.


Sophie puppy1 copywrite.jpg


We breed Purebred Cavaliers and Cavapoos.

Cavaliers are (in our opinion) Golden Retrievers in a small body ha ha.  They have very similar personalities and characteristics.  They LOVE people and if given their way will be right next to you at all times.  Not all small dogs are good with kids but these guys are a huge exception.  There really is not a mean bone in their body.  They do shed so if that is a concern for you then a cavapoo may be a better fit.  We also raise the F1 and F1b generation of cavapoos.  They tend to shed less and having the poodle genetics makes them easier to train.

ava and toby puppies.jpg


We love all our dogs here at Rocky Desert but this breed has become our favorite!  They have the sweetest personalities and are great family dogs.  They do well with kids, which is not always the case with small breeds.  They are also healthier than their close relatives the King Charles Cavalier.  Mixing up the genetics of purebred breeds helps reduce the chance of inherited genetic disorders.  The poodle genetics also help decrease shedding .

If your looking for a smaller dog that will still be good with your kids this is it.  

If you have any questions about any of the breeds we raise, or a question about any of our puppies please feel free to contact us.  Our preferred method of communication is text but we can usually return calls or emails fairly quickly too.

For safety purposes we are no longer allowing buyers to come to our home to meet/pick-up their puppy.  We know this is a red flag for some so we want to be up-front about it and welcome you to look at other breeders that do allow home visits.  We understand the concern, but the safety/health of our family, pets and property will always come first for us.  Not all buyers have the best of intentions and because of this all puppy showings/pick-ups will be in a public place. 

 Because of our work schedules, kids activities, and time requirements with our puppies, we only take and send pictures once per week.  This will usually happen on the weekends.  Please keep this in mind before you decide to place a deposit on one of our puppies. 

Thank you for understanding. 

Toby 3.jpg



We have been raising poodles now for over 10 years.  We have been focusing more on our doodle lines but will on occasion have a litter of either Moyen or Miniature Poodles.  Poodles make a great family companion.  They are non-shedding and hypo-allergenic. This is important for those who suffer from allergies.  Poodles are also the 2nd smartest dog making them very easy to train.  They come in many colors and sizes.  We have Apricots, reds, and red parti's to choose from.



(For faster response times please text)


208-680-3685 texts accepted and preferred. 

Due to the high volume of spam callers, we rarely answer calls we do not recognize. 

Please leave a message or text.  

Hours:  Monday - Friday 9-6  Sat.-Sun. appointment only

We also work during the week so response times may be delayed. 

 Brin Turpin-Life's Abundance Independent Field Representative

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